CreatTive Intel-ligence BLOG-ER

I would like to begin this introduction of myself as one who  hopes that my reputation in the Arts community is in the least one filled with creative curiosity!  I use exclamation marks and unless I were to make a deliberate change right here right now it would be somewhat of a fingerprint, not quite a DNA strand of my writing.....then again although I write a lot, not more than 7 percent of what I write is seen by more than 7 people,....up till today!

Creative intelligence is said to be the the ability to go beyond the existing to create novel and interesting ideas. Creative people come up with ideas that are like undervalued stocks, which are generally rejected by the public at large, commercial banks and unfortunately some donor agencies.

It could help some people understand better if we threw out the idea that in the universe there is this planet called Creat where there is a tribe who goes about communicating without speaking — we probably should prescribe that some inhabitants of Earth do try to practice creative silence in their lifetime — pay attention to their surroundings, the outdoors for some form of mind-free movement.

From the water in the shower, its seamless flow or ruggedly shaped droplets make for a beautiful thing to pay attention to, understanding that the shape of that water is solely dependent on the type of finish to that faucet from which the water was made to flow from, another love of man, in his quest to claim more intelligence, would create much difficulty for the flow of most natural things.  Think about that readers!        

I could make a claim of F-R-E-E-Writing and let totally loose into wild spread of profanity without necessarily making a visible point, nor telling a story of some sort, nor any sensible point from the words written, however our society is filled to capacity of all of the intelligence that society would like to showcase, and they could supposedly make a fair assessment and capture the essence of the unspoken words “ between the lines”.   

F-R-E-E-Writing is writing you do without thought for yourself, fluid and free-flowing and meant to be entirely personal. It doesn’t even have to make sense, dispenses with much of  the formal way writing is taught - linear, rational explanations; logical progression from paragraph one to the end; adherence to grammar and spelling and punctuation to help access creative-mind.  It’s also free of striving towards an end result and teaches us to value the process for its own sake. The act of sitting and writing whatever feelings or ideas are coming through the pen is its own F-R-E-E reward.

Let's all who have the gift of of Lit and Words come....bringing your vessels for use in the enlightenment of the world through text, packaged to meet the level of readership of our day!  Come out from your hiding places and write, and become part of the literary revolution today!

Looking to read from you soon!