Our Mission

Fostering and promoting the performing arts in the OECS sub-region;

To facilitate the development of an enabling environment for the implementation of a more integrated OECS Creative and Cultural Industry Sector.

Traditionally over my lifetime parents in our region were not very encouraging of any of the arts. At fourteen years of age I became immersed in some teenage distractions including playing an instrument and singing with "THE BOOGIE BOYS" ... a teen band made up of two older brothers, three friends and myself. By sixteen I was also being introduced to photography, when a visiting uncle made a gift of a Pentax camera outfit....and a new chapter began.... production studios for audio video was beginning to face some changes, which would open up a new sector of music and video crossing into design ....entertainment....science.... came with the advancing technology which was upon us and if we stood aside and look then we became left behind....and so we are forced join in or play catch up....later.

The 1900s saw challenges and need for change. In July of 1992 a cluster of cells suddenly presented a bang with enough magnitude to make changes in my universe and nine years later my soul mate gets sucked out back into her Maker’s camp, and my world as I knew it became very different. On the other hand, visual arts continued to merge with performing arts..... the dawn of the new audio-video sub sector and the acronym VPA .... not given too much attention in our region even then.

In 2007, my two worlds began to get more integrated as the Government of Dominica got word regarding some voluntary work of a visual arts program which I begun at two rural primary schools whenever I returned on island which led to being contracted to spearhead a sensitization and training program far more intense than what preceding.

The continued hammering by our friends at CARICOM in sharing the unconditional message of donor countries that the way forward was to prepare to make investments into what was being created by and representative of the cultures from these developing countries, some still classified as fourth world countries!

VPA (Visual & Performing Arts) began to find a space in the school curriculum, although in most cases got no further than there! We ran a privately funded Visual Arts Program from 2009 through November 2012 after which the program and course outline was amended to a more balanced Visual and Performing Arts content, with the program also being rebranded as communication through the arts (CTA). Donors continue mapping creative and cultural landscapes while the developing countries continue to create imperfect clones and throwing creative and cultural into a cramped elevator labeled creative industries in an attempt for implementation through a cultural industries conduit. There are overlaps, or cross cutting sub-sets but it must be understood that not every created work from a region represents that regions culture although culture can influence created works in many areas. Eventually there was a call by the European Union for a cluster application to the 10th EDF and that was the catalyst and the concept was spawned first into movement because there was a receptive egg on the spice isle...a surrogate mother in Sandra A. James to help add a finishing touch to the concept.

C-PAF has been conceived with a purpose. To clarify all grey areas within the developing creative industry; establish industry definitions; structures, standards and parameters; industry policy and guidelines best suited for our region in relation to what is global; and the dream of an industry economy! I am saddened that the authorities continue to seek out educated persons with the most esteemed honor in an unrelated specialty field even when they can’t necessarily satisfy the smallest of matters of this industry, rather than the experience of the industry practitioners so too must there be tireless efforts for more integration and synergies formed so that the sub-region may benefit from the geniuses overlooked for much too long!

This Federation is an organism of creative life, not an organization, a body of cells, an institution and yet an industry standard……..C-PAF has been incubated for years......being strategically created........we are glad to present to you C-PAF, born out of a common need !

Support the Performing Arts!!

Irvin C. Durand

Our Team

Irvin C. Durand

Senior Tutor in photography and documentaries with a host of high profile publications to his credit, and some prized awards, Irvin C Durand was born and raised on the island of Dominica.

Sandra A. James

Sandra A. James is a highly energetic and motivated professional with expertise in the areas of administration, management, logistics, event planning, human resource management, training & counseling.